14 thoughts on “10 Min Abs Workout — At Home Abdominal and Oblique Exercises

  1. 7 Million views! Thanks for working out with me guys! Have you tried any of
    our hundreds of other full length workout videos, including many more ab
    and oblique workouts?

  2. Does this really work?
    I need to loose ten pounds in a month…….
    Need some help

  3. Today will be my third day on the 10 Min Abs Workout. It’s really difficult
    that’s why I’m convinced I will get the results I’m looking for if I push
    myself hard enough!!

    I will let you guys know how it all turns out for me in a month!!

  4. I barely got through the first exercise and was heaving by the second. x_x
    How the hell do I manage this? 

  5. How come when I exercise, all the blood rushes to my head and I feel
    lightheaded all of a sudden? 

  6. first day I could barely manage of these 4 days along and some I can do
    without breaks and others I just take a break!!! don’t give up ladies take
    as much time as you need that was my first mistake I used to give up
    straight away! 

  7. I love your videos and I spend 10 minutes working out with you guys every
    day. To keep your workouts free I’m happy to put in my time watching the
    ads at the beginning. But lately I’ve started seeing ads appear in the
    middle of the workout (the kind that say “Skip this ad in 5 seconds”). It’s
    really disruptive to the 45-15sec or 50-10sec workout-rest rhythm. Is there
    anything you can do about these ads? 

  8. i used to hate abs exercise. then, one day, i decided that i could make a
    change and start doing them. i had faith because thanks to fitnessblender i
    could get myself nice legs and glutes, so i started.
    in 2 weeks i’m now able to go through this workout and my past big enemy,
    the flutter kicks, are now something i can do with a smile on my face :)

  9. Hey guys, I sort of collapsed halfway through this routine. I’m a beginner
    (female, slender/weak, 20 years old) and I haven’t done any physical
    activity for 5 years. Anybody have any workout routines suitable for me? 😛

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