Competition Kettlebell vs Cast Iron Kettlebell

Competition Kettlebells are ideal for any athlete. They come in weights from 5 kilos all the way up to 35 kilos, so no matter what your goal is or how old you get they will be there with a weight that’s just right!

It is important to note that the weight of a kettlebell does not change, which means whether you are using an 10kg – 22lb kettlebell or 36kg-78lbs, the kettlebell will always sit on your forearm in exactly the same spot.

Aqua ball workout

This is the perfect technique for those who are using a lighter weights. When you use this method, your form will stay consistent regardless of what weight it is that causes lift off from floor or bench press and can be used to increase strength more quickly than training with functional strength equipment.

This is because a greater force goes into accelerating an object as opposed shorten how long they have been training at high intensities.

This ensures that we do not lose speed when lifting heavier loads which would decrease our power output accordingly.

It’s time to get your hands on the kettlebell that will reign supreme in terms of size and weight. If you’re looking for something more medium-sized, then take a look at our traditional iron kettlebells!

Dangerously Fit Cast Iron Kettlebells start out small but grow as they get heavier so each style rests just right against different parts of one arm or another depending which model suits them best.

The handle diameter of competition kettlebells never changes and neither does the space inside.

That means you can spend all of your time perfecting technique and not worry about changing out weights, which is great because there’s nothing more frustrating than having to do that.

Kettlebells are a great way to get your heart rate up and you can really challenge yourself. This means that our hand insertion never changes, so we concentrate on technique instead!