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Can a Personal Trainer Help Fix Your Attitude towards Fitness?

The usual reason for most people for engaging a fitness trainer in Maroubra is to get the advantage of a customised workout regimen that will help them to achieve their fitness goals within the shortest-possible time. Getting into shape and maintaining it is far more than just learning some exercise routines. One of the most-important contributions of a fitness trainer in Maroubra is him being able to successfully motivate you to change your attitude towards fitness and your lifestyle, including diet.

Helping Determination of Physical Activity Benefits

Although almost everybody knows the various benefits of being healthy the attitude towards actually going ahead to improve it remains notoriously poor and lackadaisical. When you engage a fitness trainer, even before he actually demonstrates the correct techniques of the various exercises, he will spend time with you to evaluate your current health status, your lifestyle, and the areas where you can improve substantially. In doing so he will show you the benefits of getting back into shape properly and quickly.

fitness trainer in MaroubraFiguring Out the Exercise Barriers

When asked, you would definitely be able to cook up quite a few reasons why it is just not possible for you to undertake a regular exercise regimen. However, hidden behind a few convenient facts could be plethora of factors that are actually responsible for you being unfit. These include among others; fear of being laughed at, poor physical performance, and self-consciousness. A skilled fitness trainer in Maroubra will be able to dispel these doubts and convince you of the advantages of a structured fitness routine.

Setting Realistic Goals

You could be thinking about joining in a fitness class without having a clue of the tangible benefits. A trainer will be able to discuss your fitness goals and help you understand how you could achieve them most effectively. A capable trainer will also assist you in breaking down a larger goal into smaller ones that are more specific and achievable. The trainer will be able to motivate you to pursue these sub-goals in such a way that you end up achieving your larger target.

Helping Establish a Support System

If you are a beginner, it is often very difficult to sustain the initial enthusiasm, especially when you could possibly have expected too much in too short a period. A skilled and perceptive trainer will convince you of the benefits of exercising in a group or with a few friends who could then all act as cheerleaders for each other. The existence of a support system comprising people sympathetic to your cause will make it easier to achieve your fitness goals.

Assisting Relapse Prevention

It is quite common to find people who have worked diligently and actively towards achieving their fitness goals relapsing into their earlier lifestyles. A skilled fitness trainer in Maroubra will able to spot early signs of relapse and work accordingly to have them corrected. The personal trainer will also have the requisite skills to identify the probable causes of the relapse and also teach you the appropriate correctional techniques that will ensure that you stay motivated and do not deviate from your fitness goals.

Battle Rope

How To Perform Battle Rope Waves

The battle rope is a versatile weapon that can be used for both defense and attack. The best way to use it effectively? Practice this old martial arts technique!

Hold onto two ends with each hand, slightly bend at the knees while maintaining an air-tight lower back; then stand tall using only your legs as leverage (don’t forget about those glutes!).

You’re going to hold a battle rope in each hand, slightly bend at the knees and maintain an active core.

This is a great exercise to build your core and arms. As you hold the battle rope with both hands, slightly bend at the knees so that it becomes an overhead rep for resistance training in each movement of pulling up on one end or lowering yourself down again while swinging back like normal usage would do when practicing self-defense techniques!

When synchronizing the ropes to follow an up-and down pattern, bring them upward together as you would for a bicep curls followed by lowering them back down. Repeat this movement several times with no locking out of elbows throughout!

Upward and downward motions are essential to creating an effective workout.

The trick is making sure you keep your arms together throughout the exercise without locking out any joints or bending forward, which will cause injury in case of incorrect technique!

Battle ropes are a great way to work your abs, shoulders and back. The waving motion also targets bonus muscles like calves or hamstrings!

Battle rope waves is a great workout for the abs, shoulders and back. It also works your calves with each kick of those legs!

Battle rope double waves is the perfect workout for your abs, shoulders and back. It also works all of those other muscles that get tired during a typical gym session!

Mixed martial arts is becoming more popular with professional athletes, particularly those who like to keep their physique in top shape.

Mixed martial artists are taking the world by storm. They’re not just athletes, they fight on behalf of their teammates and friends in physical altercations with opponents that can equal or exceed them at any time!

Mixed martial artists are training like pros to get in top fighting shape. That’s because mixed fights, or “mmas” as they’re known on the streets of late-night TV talk shows where everyone wants a piece for their own mouthpiece—are becoming increasingly popular with viewers both near and far from these entertainers who once again put themselves front row center at our expense!

The battle ropes are a training tool that can help you build some strength and conditioning. They’re also known as “ropes course,” which makes it sound like an activity for people who want to be fit but don’t really know how or what they need in their workouts–which we all could use more of!

The name may sound intimidating at first glance (especially considering the amount of time required), however these dynamic exercises have been proven by experts around world: from military veterans struggling with PTSD symptoms after returning home;to newspaper reporters suffering through news desk deadlines without enough energy left over each day for themselves.

Battle ropes are not just for pirates. This training tool has the potential to overhaul your conditioning and even help you build some muscle!

Strong is the new thin! Believe it or not, this isn’t some promotional trend for your next blockbuster pirate film. That’s right Battle Ropes, as they’re generally known are a dynamic and powerful training tool with plenty of potential to overhaul how you currently exercise.

Check out this video posted on the Battle Rope Australia Facebook page!

Not only will battling against these cords help build strength but also conditioning levels can be increased at the same time thanks in part from its constant pressure on muscles which causes them work harder than usual while engaging ourselves through playfulness.

These thick ropes are used for tons of different exercises. They can be tied or “anchored” in place and there’s a nigh-on endless number that work with them, here are just some examples:

The first one allows you to do pull ups while hanging from the bar using only your hands! The second exercise has us gripping two ends at once-one each around an anchor point high above our heads (this means no more than 3 feet off ground). Finally we’ll finish by doing squats down low where it feels like every footstep lands squarely onto solid earth beneath me.

These ropes are tied (or “anchored”) in place and can be used for a nigh-on endless number of ways. Here are some popular exercises: just make sure that you leave enough slack so these techniques work!

These thick ropes can be used in a nigh-on endless number of ways. Here are just some popular exercises that will allow you to exercise your upper body without getting bored too quickly! Make sure there’s enough slack when performing these moves so they work all parts well and don’t cause injury, but still have fun with them like an athlete would during training sessions for their sport.


Competition Kettlebell vs Cast Iron Kettlebell

Competition Kettlebells are ideal for any athlete. They come in weights from 5 kilos all the way up to 35 kilos, so no matter what your goal is or how old you get they will be there with a weight that’s just right!

It is important to note that the weight of a kettlebell does not change, which means whether you are using an 10kg – 22lb kettlebell or 36kg-78lbs, the kettlebell will always sit on your forearm in exactly the same spot.

Aqua ball workout

This is the perfect technique for those who are using a lighter weights. When you use this method, your form will stay consistent regardless of what weight it is that causes lift off from floor or bench press and can be used to increase strength more quickly than training with functional strength equipment.

This is because a greater force goes into accelerating an object as opposed shorten how long they have been training at high intensities.

This ensures that we do not lose speed when lifting heavier loads which would decrease our power output accordingly.

It’s time to get your hands on the kettlebell that will reign supreme in terms of size and weight. If you’re looking for something more medium-sized, then take a look at our traditional iron kettlebells!

Dangerously Fit Cast Iron Kettlebells start out small but grow as they get heavier so each style rests just right against different parts of one arm or another depending which model suits them best.

The handle diameter of competition kettlebells never changes and neither does the space inside.

That means you can spend all of your time perfecting technique and not worry about changing out weights, which is great because there’s nothing more frustrating than having to do that.

Kettlebells are a great way to get your heart rate up and you can really challenge yourself. This means that our hand insertion never changes, so we concentrate on technique instead!


Obstacle Race Training Program By CrossFit

Face down in a crawl through mud, racers steps quicken after their immersion in the ice pool. The air with the combination of effects from the ice bath cause individuals to feel exhilaration as they instantly begin to run forward full of determination to face another obstacle the Berlin wall. The struggle to climb over the wooden wall began with a jump up and grasp as the Crossfit crew challenge themselves to compete and readily trudge through murky water with hidden sink holes to get to the next obstacles.

Focused people are filled with anticipation to conquer each obstacle as they compete against themselves and others in the 3.5 hour 12 mile Tough Mudder obstacle race. Obstacles races such as the Tough Mudder, Alpha Warrior, and Spartan race are enjoyable and extreme challenge races that people from various back grounds and various ages beyond fourteen compete actively.

Spartan training is fun and challenging!
Ordinary people and athletes begin to relish the test of their efforts to finish an obstacle race which challenge their physical abilities and fulfill individual needs to participate in the sport.

Spartan Sprite an hour long three to four mile beginners race, Spartan Olympic eight mile run with a dozen obstacles, Super Spartan twelve mile obstacles race, and Spartan Death Race the ultimate test of human endurance are races people physically train for.

The fitness regime for ordinary people, marathoners and athletes may entail concentration on distance running, endurance training, upper strength and core body exercises, muscle strength , and various other Spartan Race Obstacles types of exercises to become physically fit and ready to race.

The Crossfit crew will train their minds mentally in preparation for the life changing experience. People train up to twelve months and then enjoy a body limit test by their participation in obstacles racing.

If your’e looking gyms to get you prepared for a race like this, check out the CrossFit Gym website… you’ll get heaps of free training programs and advice there!

People who are competitive with numerous reasons to enter a obstacle race refers to the racing and the obstacles that test their limits as fun. Individuals also acknowledge that obstacle racing is mentally and physically taxing on the body and mind.

The enjoyment of the anticipation at the start line, the ecstatic emotion racing the course and the end resolve in relation to endurance encourages people to cross the finish line. The goals are race completion, acknowledgement and to obtain the trophies and money prize.

People find that obstacle racing is a fun sport to compete in and experience with their friends and families members. Obstacle races Australia is a new trend with many new events now open for sign up in every state in the USA and other countries like New Zealand and the U.k.

Personal Training

Bulgarian Bag Workouts – What’s a Turkish Get Up?

The Turkish getup is one of the most popular Bulgarian Bag workouts that is a favourite with both trainers and clients. It is a complex exercise comprising several movements with the Bulgarian Bag across different planes. It is one of the best examples of how Bulgarian Bags provide a comprehensive; total-body workout with all the benefits of cardiovascular exercise, strength personal training course and flexibility training. Training with a Bulgarian Bag should be both fun and challenging!

As a trainer, you are likely to learn all about the Turkish getup during your personal training courses. You should use all that knowledge to teach you clients the right way of doing this wonderful workout and enjoy all its benefits. Bulgarian Bag Australia has some excellent Instagram videos that you can watch and follow along to.

Benefits of doing the Turkish Getup
First and foremost, the Turkish getup is an extremely effective functional workout that targets all the major and minor muscles of your entire body. As you move through the different steps from lying on the ground to the point where you are upright, your body goes through range of motions that tones and toughens your body like no other workout.

The Turkish getup is just perfect for strengthening your core, improving shoulder stability, enhancing stamina in your lower body and also improves your stability and flexibility. Dangerously Fit Functional Training explains it best, check out their website for a detailed explanation.

Being a functional workout, doing the Turkish getup regularly vastly improves the way you perform your daily chores. Every motion of this complex workout helps you move better, reach out further, bend lower and lift heavier loads easily without the risk of injury.

While doing the Turkish getup, you are required to coordinate the right hand with the left leg and the left hand with the right leg. This interlinked coordination vastly improves reflexive stability of the limbs and reciprocal response between your upper and lower body extremities.

With regular practice of the Turkish getup, your body will definitely move like a well-oiled machine with each and every muscle and joint performing at their best in perfect harmony.

Safety Tips
Do remember that the Turkish getup is a highly intense workout involving several muscles and joints. So even if you have mastered the steps while doing your fitness courses, your clients may not be comfortable with it at the beginning.

It is best to avoid doing the Turkish getup with clients who have never exercised before. You should make them master the technique of handling Bulgarian Bags properly and improving their stamina before trying out this complex workout.

When starting with the Turkish getup, it is best to begin with lighter weights or even no weight at all! Your clients should first learn the correct way of going through each step and then try out heavier weights. Starting with heavier weights from the very beginning can make you prone to injuries.

As you have learnt in your fitness courses, the Turkish getup is a slow exercise so do not rush through the steps. Pause for a few seconds at each position and catch your breath. Check your form to ensure you are doing it correctly before moving on to the next position.

The Turkish get up provides maximum benefit when each and every position is done accurately. So form and technique are more important than the amount of weight you are handling.

Personal Training

Beginners Kettlebell Workout

The Two-arm Kettlebell Row

This is another easy kettlebell training workout that ladies can do to tone the arms, shoulders and back. And performing this workout with two kettlebells instead of one makes it more fun; challenging and effective.

To do this, place two kettlebells in front of your feet and bend your knees slightly. Do a hip hinge and grab the two kettlebells and drag them towards your stomach. Remember to keep elbows close to your body and maintain a neutral spine. Lower kettlebells to the ground and repeat. There are some great businesses on the Sunshine Coast that can help you, check out Personal Trainer Courses Sunshine Coast on Yelp or the Personal Trainer Courses Linkedin page.

The Kettlebell Figure 8

This is a wonderful exercise that can be extremely fun. However you need good practice and perfect the technique before you attempt this at high speed reps. To do this, begin by placing feet wider than hip-distance and lower yourself into a quarter squat position. Grip the kettlebell with right hand and swing it in an arc around the outside of your right leg.

Pass the kettlebell to the left hand and similarly swing it in an arc around the left leg. Maintain the motion; keeping in mind to switch direction of the arc midway (i.e. clockwise and anti-clockwise alternately).

The Kettlebell High Pull

This workout is perfect for toning the shoulders, arms, legs and glutes. Begin by placing toes at 45-degree angle to the feet and lower to a squat. While lowering, grip the kettlebell with one hand and push through your hips to rise to a standing position pulling the kettlebell upward with you. For more info, register in a Dangerously Fit Kettlebell Course.


Kettlebell Training For Fat Loss

Torso Bent Twists:

Standing with your feet apart, hold out your arms on each side and bend down using your left hand to touch the right foot to pick up the kettlebell. While bending, see that your back is straight and the shoulder blades are pulled back. Rotate your torso so that your right hand can touch your left foot. Both arms should be fully extended during this exercise, one pointing to the foot, the other towards the sky. Repeat this exercise 20-30 times. Most fitness trainers will repeat a 2nd set.

Lunges (with a twist):

You need to take a long step forward with the front knee over the toes. Then drop your back knee to the ground and lower into a lunging position. While in this position take a big step forward and repeat the sequence with the other leg. An interesting addition would be to twist your body and look backwards to the leg which is behind, while in lunging position. Keep the kettlebell close to the body at all times. The best online weight loss challenge I know of is The Dangerously Fit 6-Week Body.

Torso Twists:

You need to stand with feet wide apart. Then hold out your arms to the sides and bend, so you can use your left hand to touch the right foot. While in bent position, your back should be straight and shoulder blades held back. In this position rotate the torso so that your right hand can touch your left foot. Both arms should be fully extended – one hand touching the left foot, the other hand pointing towards the sky with kettlebell gripped tightly. This exercise can be repeated about 30 times.

Once you join a Functional Fitness Training workout you will discover the fun of working out with a group of people. Just their encouragement and being able to train with others will help you to try harder and get better results. As mentioned above a fitness boot camp can be set up anywhere – nothing special is required to start this fitness routine.

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What’s the Right Kettlebell Size to Start with?

Choosing the right kettlebell size is crucial to the way you train with this unusually shaped fitness equipment. The wrong size can dilute the outcome of your efforts or even lead to grievous injuries that can force you to quit training midway.

So before beginning with your kettlebell workouts, it is absolutely important for you to know how to select the right kettlebell size.

Online Fitness Australia CEC points can be obtained through the official Kettlebell Courses website or if you call their sales team for their upcoming course dates.

Kettlebell Courses are located at;


Selecting the Right Kettlebell
Choosing the most suitable kettlebell will depend on several factors such as your weight, age, present fitness level and how active you are.

Moreover, some kettlebell movements such as swings, lifts, cleans, snatches are ballistic movements that are better done with heavier kettlebells. On the other hand, moves such as overhead press, bent press, windmills, Turkish get-ups are done in a controlled manner and a lighter kettlebell would be more suitable.

Kettlebells for Men
Unfortunately, men tend to reach out for a heavy kettlebell without considering their own capacity. Even if it’s too heavy, most men would want to continue with a big kettlebell because that’s the ‘man’ thing to do. And then there are those that already train with dumbbells and barbells and consider the kettlebell as just another gym equipment.

However, the truth is that kettlebells are uniquely shaped cannonball like solid masses with a much lighter handle on top. This difference in weight makes it off-balance and that much difficult to handle. It takes real time and patience to master the right technique of handling kettlebells.

It is therefore crucial for you to start your kettlebell workouts with the right size so that you can learn to maneuver it correctly.

Men of average height and weight with normal health conditions should start with a kettlebell weighing 16kg. Those who are already training with other equipments and have more strength and flexibility can try out a kettlebell weighing 24kg. Men of slighter build or those who do not consider themselves fit enough should begin kettlebell workouts with a 12kg weight.


Kettlebells for Women
Women, on the other hand, often tend to start their kettlebell workouts with a much lighter weight. They underestimate their own stamina and are scared of the heavy look of the solid cast iron ball. But the truth is that women are often stronger than they know and handling kettlebells is absolutely safe if the correct technique is followed.

Moreover, kettlebell training never makes you bulky with huge muscles so women will never look like bodybuilders.

Women of average build and normal activities can safely begin with kettlebells weighing 8kg. Those who train regularly can select kettlebells weighing 12 kg while those who lead an extremely sedentary lifestyle or do not have enough strength should start with 6kg weight.

Kettlebells for Controlled Movement
As mentioned above, kettlebell workouts with controlled movements such as the overhead press, windmill or Turkish get-up requires you to press the kettlebell overhead several times in one circuit. So if you are just starting with kettlebells, do select a weight that is light and easier to handle.


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