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How Do I Choose a Personal Trainer?

How Do I Choose a Personal Trainer?

Are you keen to shed those extra pounds, but feel you do not know how to go about it? You should then think in terms of hiring a coach who did the Madrid personal trainer course. He will not only guide you through the right exercises, but also help you to reach your desired goal. It is common these days for people desiring to get into shape to use the services of a trainer – once thought to be the prerogative of the rich and famous.

If you choose to hire a personal trainer on a ‘one on one’ basis i.e. privately, you need to first check out a few things.

Credentials of the trainer

This is an important aspect, as if the trainer has a proper degree in the field of exercise and fitness you can be assured of more professional training. It’s always good to ask your trainer with which fitness instructor course provider he obtained his certification.

There are many established bodies and associations where personal trainers get their training, so give importance to the background. You should also ask to see copies of any certificates the trainer may have. Certification in CPR and First Aid practice are also important. You need to check that all certificates produced are current.

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How to interview the trainer

While conducting the interview besides checking the credentials, you need to also check any past references. Once you find these are in order you can then discuss with the trainer your proposed fitness routine – the specific goals, workout plan, time frame, etc. The best thing to do is to interview not just one, but a few prospective trainers before you finally make a decision. Also ensure that the trainer does not charge you for the ‘interview’ session.

Queries on various exercise packages

Once you have cleared the above two issues, you can discuss with the trainer as to what type of packages and payment options he can offer.

Does the trainer expect an upfront total payment? Or will he agree to instalments. If you are not keen on buying a full package, can the trainer offer single sessions? What timings are being suggested by the trainer for the exercise sessions?

If you are a member of a gym and plan to use one of their personal trainers for group sessions, will the package cost less? Will the personal trainer provide you with regular assessments on your training progress? Does the trainer have a cancellation policy where notice needs to be given for any cancellations?

How and where to look for personal trainers?

A good way to locate a personal trainer is by word of mouth. Getting information from friends/relatives will not only provide names, it will also help you to get good feedback on the trainer’s expertise and other working methods. In some cases what helps one person may not be helpful or proper for another person.

If you do not have this source, you can check out the local newspapers, go online, or look in the yellow pages. However if you take this route, be sure to carefully check out the personal trainer’s background as he or she will then have access to your home.