Muscle building

Reasons You are Not Building Muscle

If you have been trying to build muscle for long and now feel that the endeavour is not yielding results, maybe it is time to figure out the reason. There are several ways to build muscle but all the bulking up techniques may not work for you or be right for you. If after a while you realize you have not been building muscle in spite of following all the text book methods, then you should consult a dietician or professional trainer to help you. Here are some common reasons you may not be building muscle… check it out:

Wrong Diet

If you have been following the wrong diet, then you won’t achieve your fitness goals. In order to build muscle you have to be disciplined and follow the right diet. The right diet would include high quantities of protein and a balance of vitamins and minerals. If you eat junk foods or stick to high sugars and carbohydrates, in spite of exercising your body won’t be able to build muscle. Furthermore, if you eat imbalanced meals, then too it can cause a problem. If you have a particular fitness goal in mind, it would be sensible to hire a dietician to help you charter a good diet plan. Then you can achieve your fitness goals of building muscle faster. Furthermore, if you perform the exercises incorrectly, you won’t end up achieving your fitness goals. This is why you should always consult a personal trainer.

build the muscle

Wrong Exercise Regime

If you want to build muscle but only go for long walks, it won’t help. If you only go for long jogs or perform light exercises at home, you may be toned but you won’t build muscle. There is a particular exercise regime to follow when wanting to build muscle. A qualified personal trainer would easily be able to tell you what kind of plan to follow. Based on your present height and weight ratio, your personal trainer would advice you and teach you the right exercises. When it comes to bulking up you need to lift weights too to tone and Build The Muscle. In order to lift the right weights, you need to learn from a personal trainer. When you learn the right exercise regime and follow it regularly, you will eventually achieve your objective.

Not Regular Enough

If you are not exercising often enough, you won’t build muscle. You have to work on your muscle continuously over a period of time to build it. If you keep taking breaks there won’t be any consistency and your work out goals will be affected. A good personal trainer will always be able to keep you on track and motivate you to follow the right regime.


Sometimes you may not know it but an illness could be preventing you from achieving your fitness goals. In some cases, people try to lose weight but their illness keeps them from reducing their weight. In some cases it may be the other way around.